Franchesco's  Comedy NIght returns Friday, June 30th

Doors open @ 8:30pm Show start @ 9

Tickets:: $10


Mike Marvell

Wisconsin based comedian Mike Marvell is a hilarious entertainer that is able to entertain people without offending them.  

As comedian Mike Marvell says, "This is my life - and my comedy.  It all revolves around my wife Alyce and our three kids...change the channel...get me another beer...and NO - we're not watching @#&^%@# Barney again!!!  I love them and spend a lot of time with them...I hope to hear from you soon so I have the chance to escape the cuckoo's nest for a while."

To understand Mike Marvell's comedy show is to understand and reflect upon a life similar to many people's... work... family... and funny stuff that just happens!...